Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Appeals for Peace in Maharashtra

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This conspiracy to make Dalits and Marathas fight each other is disastrous for the entire state and country. I request the leaders of both the communities to peacefully resolve this matter through amicable dialogue.

Engineer Taufeeq Aslam Khan has severely condemned the attack on Ramdas Athawale, BJP leaders and their Dalit supporters by some people wielding saffron flags when the former had gathered at Koregaon Bheema (Pune) on the 1st of January to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the British victory over the Peshwas, and has stated that this attack is part of a sinister conspiracy, resulting in the loss of a precious innocent life and many people getting injured. The mass street protests by thousands of people have caused serious damage to public property and have caused untold difficulties to millions of people. The President of JIH Maharashtra has extended his condolences to the relatives of the deceased and empathized with the victims injured in this attack. He has appreciated the announcement of Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to have this matter investigated and the release of Rupees Ten Lakh as compensation amount to the family of the deceased. He has also expressed satisfaction at the steps taken by Mumbai Police to contain the situation.
Mr. Taufeeq Aslam Khan has advised the leaders of the Dalit and Maratha communities to peacefully resolve this matter through amicable dialogue and has conveyed the Jamaat’s willingness to arbitrate in the matter. He said that this attack is a sinister conspiracy to sabotage the sincere efforts of unity and cooperation being made by Dalit and Maratha leaders since the past 25 years. He added that those efforts should continue unabated and that these conspiracies should be apprehended and defeated. He noted that the resultant strife has been disastrous not only for both these communities, but also for the entire state and the entire nation; hence it is very important to end it at the earliest.


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