Dr Abdullah Saleem, IPS, Takes Charge as Director General of Police, CID, Karnataka with Many Tasks, Challenges Waiting

Karnataka is blessed with many stars in the galaxy of Indian Police Service Officers (IPS). One of the brightest stars among them is Dr. Abdullah Saleem, IPS, who has taken over as the new Director General of Police, CID. Dr. Abdullah Saleem tweeted about his taking charge: ‘Took charge of the post of Director General of the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Economic Offenses, and Special Units on promotion.’ He rightly deserves the promotion. Hearty Congratulations! As the only IPS officer with a doctorate degree in traffic management, Dr. Abdullah was hand-picked and appointed as Special Commissioner, Traffic, Bengaluru, by former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai to make the Bengaluruans behave and instill traffic discipline among them. He did a reasonably remarkable job in the chaotic city with his deployment of skills and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

The much-awarded Dr. Abdullah Saleem will not rest on his past laurels, if one goes by his track record. A new posting for an IPS officer is like a new inning or a new match for a cricketer. It is a new day and a new match every time. Dr. Abdullah Saleem learned his ropes during his post-graduation in traffic management at Osmania University in Hyderabad. He had closely observed not just the vehicular movement on the roads but also the crime scene happening on the roads and the criminals behind the crimes. This will come as a handy experience for him as the CID boss in calming down Karnataka in relation to murders and revenge murders, especially in coastal Karnataka. The Bengaluru traffic department adapted several artificial intelligence (AI)-based methods under Dr. Abdullah Saleem. Digital technology has brought transparency to traffic enforcement. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras helped the management track various traffic violations, including red light violations.

The Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department (CID), which has a good track record in busting crime, arrested in September 2022 Sushil Mantri, the director of Mantri Developers, in connection with a money laundering case in which his firm is accused of cheating home buyers. But many fraudsters and real estate mafia are still roaming free, and they have inter–state operations to flee from one state to another when they fear being caught. Not just resident Indians but also gullible non-resident Indians (NRIs) are cheated by these criminals. Some of them operate between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The registered address of their unlisted company may be Coimbatore, but they operate from Coonoor-Ooty and flee to Bengaluru after duping unsuspecting customers. They make trips to Dubai, Muscat, and Singapore to trap those looking for land or farmhouses in the hill stations.

Vast tracts of agricultural land and tea estates seem to have been converted into real estate and a concrete jungle by the land sharks and fraudsters in Ooty. Many non-resident Indians (NRIs) have become gullible victims of the land mafia. The modus operandi is to tour Dubai, Muscat, Qatar, Singapore, etc, and lure the unsuspecting NRIs by dangling lease agreement promises and regular monthly income traps. They sell the land at unreasonably high prices, and they do not give possession of the land. There is no road access to the land. Once the total payment is done, the lease agreement is not done! For three to six months, the promised monthly income is given to the buyer. Each month, a reduced income is given, which is totally stopped from the 6th month onwards. Boopathy Homes India Private Limited, which cheated many NRIs, has not even given possession of the lands at Manja Combai village and other places in Ooty. He asks the buyer to come to the registration office in Ooty. He does not show the property document but asks the buyers to sign each page of the sale deed just 10 minutes before the registration. The buyers are not allowed to read the papers. After the registry is done, he does not hand over the map showing the extent of the land and the boundaries. He gives at least three to four cents less per acre of land. The land is not in one place; bits are scattered. Even the possession of the land is not handed over to the buyers. Boopathy has shut down his office in Coonoor and relocated to his native Bengaluru, where the head office of Boopathy is located. He still has a huge property, Ketty Homes, in Ooty, but there are two security barricades. They are beyond the reach of the buyers who were cheated by Boopathy. He does not reply to WhatsApp messages, and he does not take phone calls on his mobile. The victims have demanded the arrest of Boopathy and other land mafia posing as real estate companies, the restoration of lands bought by the NRIs, or the return of their money along with compensation of Rs. 2 crore each for the mental trauma and the losses incurred from the date of purchase. A crime branch inquiry at the state level in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka should be conducted at the earliest, they added. The directors of Boopathy Homes India Private Limited are Kesavalunaidu Boopathy and Maheshwari Boopathy.

Boopathy Homes India Private Limited’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U70101TZ2008PTC014148, and its registration number is 14148. Its email address is, and its registered address is DOOR No: 396/D-5 N.K.N. COMPLEX, BEDFORD COONOOR Tamil Nadu 643101. A music instructor functions from the Coonoor premises, but Boopathy Homes India Private Limited posters are still visible there on the outside walls.

The new DGP CID, Dr. Abdullah Saleem, has many tasks and challenges at hand in his new assignment. There should be inter-state cooperation between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu to track fraudulent real estate companies and hunt down criminals. Each time a sale deed is registered in Ooty, Kotagiri, or Kodaikanal, the Registrar’s office must mark copies of the sale deed to the DGPs CIDs in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka if the buyers and sellers belong to different states.

Terror and violence must be kept on a tight leash. Bajrang Dal and the Popular Front of India (PFI) should not be allowed to disturb peace. Many raids have been conducted to learn about the sources of funding for PFI. But no raids were conducted to unearth sources of right-wing terror or hate organizations spreading Islamophobia. It is time to set the record straight!

Detoxify the saffron-shawl-wearing policemen with counseling and strict departmental action in cases of violations. All police stations should ensure that saffron shawl-wearing and skull cap-wearing policemen, if any, are not allowed entry into police stations, and the salary for that month should be deducted. Hindus and Muslims are not needed in police stations, but human beings are needed there to reach out to citizens in distress at the earliest. Those who do not believe in peaceful coexistence, our Indian ethos of love and harmony, and above all, the Constitution of India, must be de-uniformed. They have no right, whatsoever, to wear uniforms and join the communal elements and rioters on the roads.

(The views expressed are personal)

Dr Abdullah Saleem, IPS, Takes Charge as Director General of Police, CID, Karnataka with Many Tasks, Challenges Waiting

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