While Islamophobes are burning Qur’an, this 5 yo girl memorised the Holy Qur’an

Last week, 2.8 billion Muslims all over the world were distressed and dismayed at the burning of the Holy Quran by a white supremacist Islamophobe in Sweden. Many Muslim countries and the OIC protested vehemently. That is all they can do. They have no courage to take military action and impose economic sanctions against Sweden. They shamelessly patronize IKEA and other Swedish companies.

The Almighty Creator and Protector of the Holy Quran — Allah SWT’s Miracle unfolded in a majestic way in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad. The ‘Little Miracle’ Hafidha Syeda Sehreesh Mubeen, performed an unprecedented feat by memorizing the entire Holy Quran at the young age of 5 years and 7 months. She could be the youngest Hafidha in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records should find out and confirm this. This amazing achievement of Hafidha Sehreesh is a marvelous miracle of the Holy Quran. A student of Jamiatul Muminaat, the tiny Hafidha was guided by the Jamia’s Principal Hafidha Muftia, Dr. Rizwana Zareen, and the able team of teachers from the Department of Hifz at the Jamia.

The memorization of the entire Holy Quran at the tender age of 5 years and 7 months is a great pointer that even if all the physical copies of the Holy Quran are removed from this world, Muslims can reproduce the entire Quran correctly in no time. Allah SWT has taken upon Himself the responsibility to protect the Holy Quran. He protects the Quran in the hearts of Believing Muslims! No worldly power or evil can ever destroy the holy book.

Lunatic Islamophobes and hate mongers from Europe to India have taken to the burning of the Holy Quran. The world knows the fate of the Danish Islamophobe who burnt the Holy Quran in the Netherlands and perished in a fire in his own car, which got locked. Nobody could save him. Saffron Islamophobes, who have attacked mosques and burnt the Holy Quran during violent processions and riots in different parts of our country, have gone unpunished by the law. They should fear divine retribution! The ‘Little Miracle’ Hafidha Sehreesh Mubeen’s unparalleled achievement, is a sort of antidote to what happened in Sweden. Muslims should not just memorize the Holy Quran but follow it in all aspects of their lives, as it is a Complete Code of Life and provides solutions to all our needs, issues, and challenges!

(The views expressed are personal)

While Islamophobes are burning Qur’an, this 5 yo girl memorised the Holy Qur’an
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