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Mrs.Mubarak Suffers Heart Attack, Questioned On Corruption.

The former first lady of Egypt, Suzzane Mubarak 70, was detained by corruption investigators for questioning on Friday.
Khaled Selim, heading the investigation traveled to Sharm el Sheik, to question her over her alleged role in illegally profiteering from her position . It was expected she would be shifted to Cairo jail. Within hours it was reported she suffered a Heart Attack and was moved to a hospital and remains under detention.

Although known for her charity work for women and girls it remained to be seen if she would be implicated or charged. Wikileaks released cables and diplomats have pointed out, her central role in most decisions. She was considered the most powerful figure in the Mubarak government. It is widely accepted that she was instrumental in getting the candidature of her son, Gamel to be a successor to her husband, Mubarak. The opposition have also accused her of being corrupt that eventually fueled public anger for action.

In a similar fate, her husband, Husni Mubark 82, is in detention in hospital on suffering a heart attack following questioning. The couple’s sons have also been detained in Tora Jail near Cairo. No charges have so far been brought against them but expected soon. In recent months many close associates have been arrested and detained in jails for their alleged corruption. Under the draconian Egyptian Emergency laws, a 15 day detention can extend for much longer period. It is routinely renewed to become indefinite imprisonment. The family is now under a similar detention with an unknown future.

The swift action was taken to meet the mounting public pressure to clean up the old system and bring to book those responsible for the state of affairs in Egypt. It has been three months since the revolution. There have been moves to shield the family from prosecution and possible safe haven. So far the family has refused to leave the country claiming they have a right live and die their country.


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