Bol Ke Lab Azaad Hain Tere

Drums Take Beatings, Drummer Receives Accolades.

Gopalkrishnan Iyer for BeyondHeadlines

When we got ‘freedom’ in 1947 or when we became a republic in 1950 we had a population of 37 crores approximately. The percentage of those below poverty level, if we had a means to ascertain, assuming the figure of population was more realistic then, must have been, for a lay man’s estimate not more than 15%, say roughly 55million. Today country’s population is 120 crore. More than 4 times!

Percentage of those below poverty level, again an estimate of a layman, is at least 41%. What economy, what growth, or what super power are we talking about?

Whether we can call our country, I am afraid, as Super corrupt, an expertise to pickle everything in corruption. Population now living under poverty level is double the population of the whole country in 1950. This has defied all economic projections and experts’ findings!

Even an astrologer will find it difficult to predict that our country would be healed of all its ailment ever unless a miracle happens that would end corruption, unwillingness of the authority to work hard and deliver, see purpose and need for doing a thing rather than brooding around to delay, neglect and harass the public with a view to earn illegal gains are all done away with, needless to mention that every one attend diligently to the work assigned to him.   

The drums (common men) take all the beatings and the drummer (ruling class, business elites) receives all accolades.

Alleviation of poverty is just a mirage – more the authority claims to do, more remains to be done!

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