Release My Husband Immediately…

Nikhat Parveen

Patna, The abduction of my husband Faseeh Mehmood by Indian Intelligence Agencies in Saudi Arabia is not only illegal but also a criminal act. It raises questions about the activities of the Indian Intelligence Agencies. Saudi Government recently said in the context of my husband’s extradition that, since the Indian intelligence agencies have failed to provide any logical evidence, so they will not be given charge of Faseeh. This proves that my husband is innocent and also that his abduction by the Indian agencies is a criminal act.

I have repeatedly told the Government of India (GoI) about his abduction by Indian agencies and also filed a habeas corpus on 24th of May. After irresponsibly spending over a month, on the 9th of July the GoI told me that the Saudi Government had informed the former on 26th of June about the detention of Faseeh. At that time the government said that they had no role in his detention.

All these events raise several questions. Firstly, if there is no allegation on my husband in Saudi Arabia then how can he be arrested there? Secondly, if the Indian agencies say that they had no role in his arrest then how is it that after I filed the habeas corpus, they issued a red corner notice against him on  31st  of May and a warrant again on 28th of May?

I want to know that, despite the GoI claiming to have no role in Faseeh’s arrest, why is it that on one hand the Saudi government is accusing the Indian government of not being able to produce any logical evidence against him, and on the other hand the Indian government is talking about producing the said evidence? Also, the extradition treaty between the Indian and Saudi government clearly provides that if there is no evidence gathered against the accused within 2 months, he must be released. Then why is it that despite Indian government’s failure to produce any evidence at all, my husband is not being released even after 4months?

Why is the Government of India trying to save its Intelligence Agencies? Why is my family and I being separated from my husband for the past 4 months? Is this not a human right violation in a democratic country? I have repeatedly demanded that I be allowed to meet my husband but the government did not pay heed to this right of mine. On the contrary, the government has consistently supported the Intelligence Agencies that have produced false evidences against my husband and have also been involved in illegal and criminal activities.

I hereby demand that my husband be released immediately. Also, strict action be taken and cases be filed against guilty officers of the Indian Intelligence Agencies who are responsible for his abduction.

By- Nikhat Parveen – Wife of Faseeh Mehmood, Village – Baarh Samela,
Post Office – Samela Lalganj, Thana – Kyoti Runway, District –
Darbhanga, State – Bihar.

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