Public Outrage in Okhla against Delhi Police Trespassing Laws

Shahnawaz Alam for BeyondHeadlines

The south-eastern district of Okhla has witnessed flurry of controversial police conducts in the locality. The recent conviction of two teenagers from the locality in a case of mobile theft has aroused several questions.

The ‘Auto Anti Theft Squad’ of Delhi police approached in Saheen Bagh locality on 10th September afternoon and convicted a boy named Javed for interrogation in a case of mobile theft. In the evening Javed was released and the cell raided again to catch the other suspects.

Hasan Ahmad shouted for help when he was inadvertently caught by men in plainclothes. This incidence scrambled a huge gathering instantly to apprehend the intrusion. Men in plainclothes refused to disclose their identity which apparently led to a melee kind of situation. Inevitably the men in plainclothes used a private U.P no. vehicle which reckoned them to be kidnappers, Informed Gulfam Hassan, an eye witness.

In an another case of earlier this year in the month of February eight policemen from the ‘Bangladesh cell of South Delhi’ were suspended for violating the ‘DK Basu’ vs ‘state’ directions of the Supreme Court of India for carrying out arrest/detention.

 The guidelines state “The police personnel carrying out the arrest and handling the interrogation of the arrestee should bear accurate, visible and clear identification and name tags with their designations. The particulars of all such police personnel who handle interrogation of the arrestee should bear accurate, visible and clear identification and name tags with their designation. The particular of all such personnel who handle interrogation of the arrestee must be recorded in a register.”

A few days back to this incident the residents of the Abul Fazal enclave resent anger against invasion of Mumbai ATS which carried forcibly arresting Tauqueer Ahmad, a Bihar native from Darbhanga. ATS defended saying that its sleuthhounds had gone to just give him summon orders, whereas the Delhi Police Special Cell declared ATS moves to “summon” Tauqueer, illegal as ATS had no jurisdiction over Delhi.

The most controversial L-18 encounter carried in the same Jamia Nagar area in Batla House has left behind several unanswered questions which has gradually deepened the distrust among the locals against state and police.

“Delhi Police has deliberately violated the recommendations of the Supreme Court of India in all the three-four cases of arrest and detaining the suspects carried in Jamia Nagar Locality were extremely illegitimate. At the same time the residents of the locality are equally responsible for the plight. Due to the poor leadership people create unlawful circumstances for themselves which lead to defamation of the locality,” says Syed Mohammad Matloob editor news portal and a Batla House resident.

Additionally he praises the initiatives taken by Delhi Police specially the ‘Public Police Library’ which is focused to help the students of the locality for preparation of competitive examinations. He also criticizes the local leadership which has demonstrated reluctance dealing in peacefully & legally. According to him the extreme insurgence should be replaced by peaceful talk and negotiation which can help in soothing the current outburst.

“Delhi Police officials have realized the importance of contouring the prevailing distress, police needed to come up with more communicative and participatory initiatives with the people and the local leaders to tranquilize the present distrust surfaced among the residents of Jamia Nagar”. said Mr. Asad, Editor Okhla Times web portal.

Amanatullah Khan a local community leader blemishes Delhi Police for terrorizing the residents of the area by abruptly picking the innocents and torturing them in the custody ferociously. He reiterated the smooth implementation of the D.K Basu guidelines of the Supreme Court India to ensure the legitimate conduct by the police in the cases of arrest and detention. He also alleged that the police deliberately transplant delusive stories against the suspect arrestees to defame the locality.

Police filed a counter FIR against the local MLA Ashif Mohammad Khan under article 353, 186, 332 and 34 accusing that he instigated the mob against the police in Saheen Bagh. The MLA denied the allegations and stated that this is a conspiracy plotted against him.

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