Is No One in Delhi Administration Responsible for the Death of the Unfortunate Girl

N.S.Venkataraman for BeyondHeadlines

The spontaneous national anguish after the death of 23 year old girl due to assault by rowdies shows that the mindset of the average Indian is sensitive with high feelings of compassion and concern. Now the question is how to prevent such things happening again.

Obviously, those in charge of the administration in Delhi should have resigned on moral ground, since such heinous crime has taken place as they have been in charge of law and order and administration. But nobody has resigned which only indicate that they are insensitive and are really unconcerned. They do not seem to have any sense of guilt and appear to be thick skinned.

The country’s public opinion and concern of the citizens should have an impact on the quality of administration and governance.

As the unfortunate girl has now died and the ministers and politicians pay tribute to her with their anguished face, possibly the country will move on to next incident of anguish. If this should not happen, then those in charge of the administration should be made to realise that they will have to pay a price by quitting their job owning responsibility for such lawlessness and they cannot save their skin by joining the chorus of protestors.

Where is the Lt.Governor of Delhi hiding now ? Chief Minister of Delhi says that police is not in her control. Is it enough ?

The problem in India today is that the country’s administration has gone into the hands of people who do not have the quality in them to realise that they are in charge of the destiny of the country and have a huge responsibility before them. On the other hand, the politicians in power seem to think that their job is one of pleasure and seem to think they are really answerable to none but themselves and exploit their authority and power to help their family members and the members of their political party. In such circumstances, the safety and security for the citizens have taken a beating and rowdies and gangsters feel bold and even encouraged.

The assault on the 23 year old in Delhi shows the deep rooted malaise in the society with the governance reaching a new low in commitment and standards. It appears that anyone can do anything and get away with any act. Many of the crimes are indulged in by those who have money power and support of the politicians belonging to one party or the other.

The incidents such as the assault on women that are taking place all over the country can be avoided only by putting fear in the minds of politicians and top bureaucrats that the citizens will rebel and protest and will not anymore tolerate such lapses on their part. A sustained peoples’ movement is necessary and the death of this unfortunate girl should be the spark for such a movement to be started an sustained.

While the politicians and criminals seem to be hand in glove in several of such instances, the citizens should also play an active role in preventing assault on women. Eve teasing of women is now a common occurrence all over India and thousands of women silently suffer. Such eve teasing takes place even in the presence of men around who are silent fearing that they would be attacked. The citizens who protest against atrocities on women but would not interfere when such atrocities take place should only be called as impotent protestors.

(N.S.Venkataraman is a Chemical Engineer from Annamalai University in Tamil Nadu and Director of Nandini Consultancy Centre. He can be reached at


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