The Indian Government is Still Sleeping

Dr. Javed Jamil for BeyondHeadlines

West institutionalized abortions, regarded as an important milestone in the history of “Sexual Revolution”. West is also the birth place of pornography, which marked a big leap in the industrialization and globalization of sex. But vices remain vices whatsoever the attempts to legalize, institutionalize and commercialize them. Their so-called benefits soon start evaporating. The “freedom” they seek to symbolize soon becomes besieged with myriad problems. The world is now seized with a situation where abortions kill at least 50 million humans-in-making every year and where pornography having reached the bed rooms of almost all the countries of the world is wreaking havoc vitiating the minds of the people who then use their inflamed passions to vent their desires in all the undesirable ways. This is another matter that the “undesirable” are not so undesirable in the eyes of the merchants of sex. For a long time, the thinkers sponsored by the market forces have been busy downgrading their dangers and de-linking sexual misdemeanours with health and social problems. But with the dangers now multiplying beyond belief, West seems to be finally waking.

Photo Courtesy: salon.comRecently two news items have surfaced, one from the US and the other from the UK, which deserve acknowledgment if not outright applause. They surely fall much short of what needs to be done. But there seems to be a beginning at least away from “Sexual Revolution”. While at least one state of the US has sought to ban abortions beyond 5th month, British Prime Minister has announced curbs on pornography.

I quote here a report appearing in an American website about the horrendous nature of the enormity and brutality of abortions:

“Evidence of this is found in the recent conviction of Mr. Kermit Gosnell (who masquerades as a physician) for the first degree murder of three babies who survived his failed abortion attempts. The gruesome details of Gosnell’s abortion clinic, which he operated for years without government inspection, have shocked the conscience of a nation. Even many of those who proclaim to be pro-choice are now openly expressing doubts about the morality of abortion.

The grisly evidence presented at Gosnell’s trial included details about babies born alive during the abortion procedure and subsequently killed by the snipping of their spines. Testimony from clinic workers included heartbreaking stories of babies surviving the brutal abortion assault and crying for help only to be viciously killed. Evidence included details of remains of infants aborted (and even tiny severed feet of infants) kept in refrigerators for storage. Gosnell was convicted of the first degree murder of three infants born alive, but the evidence showed that hundreds of such killings had occurred over the years at Gosnell’s bloody house of horrors.

Pro-choice proponents of abortion, led by Planned Parenthood, have been quick to claim that Gosnell’s practices are the exception and not the rule as to how abortion clinics operate around the nation. However, further evidence coming from around the nation indicates that such claims are not well-founded. Indeed, it is becoming more apparent that Gosnell’s operations are the rule for abortion providers — not the exception……

The U.S. House of Representatives has now launched a nationwide investigation to determine what actions have been and/or are being taken at the state level to ensure that these types of horrors are not going undetected.

It certainly does appear that there are many more Gosnells operating across the nation, and, of course, the public should express outrage at such atrocities occurring under the ruse of a so-called constitutional right of privacy. However, the deeper question that must be faced by our fellow countrymen is the legitimacy of abortion on demand itself.

We must ask — what moral difference is there between snipping the spine of a baby born alive from a failed abortion procedure and killing her, and snipping the spine of a baby still in the womb and killing her? The first is now recognized as first degree murder. The second is what some refer to as “safe and legal” abortion.

Since 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade decriminalized the pro-life protective abortion laws of all fifty states there have been 55 million legal abortions. Abortion takes the lives of 1.3 million unborn children a year, 3,000 per day, and one every 25 seconds. Unless she turns away from these acts of brutality America seems to be bent on committing demographic suicide killing millions of its future leaders, citizens and tax-payers.

Abortion is not an issue of liberals versus conservatives; of Democrats versus Republicans; of those of religious faith versus those who do not believe. Neither is it an issue of women’s rights. (Consider that at least half of the abortions have killed little girls. What become of the rights of these little women?) Rather, it is an issue of humanity versus barbarianism. It is an issue of right versus wrong. It is an issue of life versus death.

Political ideology should be irrelevant to this great issue of morality that now assaults the conscience of a nation. Clearly, the way America chooses to handle this issue in the next few years will undoubtedly determine the future of the nation.” http://www.vachristian.org/Sanctity-of-Life/The-Gosnell-Murder-Trial-and-the-Conscience-of-a-Nation.html

It is to be seen if the new law passed remains intact or is overturned in the court. But it shows that the people are at least beginning to be worried about the brutalities of abortions beyond a certain stage, if not all the abortions.

Pornography on the other hand is not a killer in itself. But it provides the stimulus that leads to the most dangerous forms of sexual behaviours including promiscuity, homosexuality, pedophilia and mass sex. In addition, it has made oral sex almost a routine part of sex with women being made to swallow semen on the daily basis. British Prime Minister seems to be particularly concerned about the effect on children. He has now announced a decision which will ensure that pornographic material is not routinely supplied to household networks. It will be available only on request. It is a little step in the right direction but still important as it has at least brought the focus on the horrendous nature of pornography. Decisions are of course normally taken in a way that the industry suffers only a little if at all. This one too is in the same mode. Hopefully though, stricter measures will follow.

India has to take a lesson from the British. Pornography is also becoming highly rampant here, both in terms of viewing as well as production of pornographic material. Porn websites based in Indian cities abound. India is no West. Here, harsher decisions need to be taken, as here at least the people at large will welcome them wholeheartedly. But the unfortunate part is that Democracy inIndia too has been reduced to Corporatocracy. Silently and invisibly, corporates run the nations, and it is hard to imagine that in a country fast going the Western way, any decision to curb the expansion of sex industry will be taken. But if West itself has made a beginning, it is time for the social groups to intensify the pressure on the government.

(Dr. Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. He can be contacted at doctorforu123@yahoo.com


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