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Prof. Vilas Kharat for BeyondHeadlines

A scientific research has concluded after extensive study of DNAs of various castes in India that Brahmins are in fact foreigner to the country they have been ruling for thousands of years. This three-part article will bring out some of the interesting facts. It is written by Prof. Vilas Kharat, Director, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Research Centre, New Delhi. – Editor

Who are the Brahmins according to Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar?

Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule’s theory is further strengthened by DNA research. He had openly stated that, Brahmins are the foreigners and they have exploited the aboriginal Bali’s successors of this country. Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule’s those statements were so bold that, he even used these words in his compositions. In one of his Akhanada, he had said that, “Brahmins have no provision here, they must be expelled forever, says Joti”. In his book ‘Gulamgiri’ he had expressed his opinions very boldly as follows:

“The extreme fertility of the soli in India, its rich productions, the proverbial wealth of its peoples, and the other innumerable gifts which this favored land enjoys, and which have more recently tempted the cupidity of the Western nations, no doubt, attracted the Aryans, who came to India, not as simple emigrants with peaceful intentions of colonization, but as conquerors. They appeared to have been a race imbued with very high notions of self, extremely cunning, arrogant and bigoted. Such self gratulatory, pride-flattering epithets as “Arya, Bhudev, etc with which they designated themselves, confirm us in our opinion of their primitive character, which they have preserved up to the present time, with, perhaps, little change for the better. The aborigines whom the Aryans subjugated, or displaced, appear to have been hardy and brave peoples from the determined front which they offered to these interlopers. Such opprobrious terms, as Shudra ‘Insignificant’ Mahari- ‘the great foe’, Antyaj, Chandal, etc. with which they designated them, undoubtedly show that originally they offered the greatest resistance in their power to their establishing themselves in the country, and hence the great aversion and hatred in which they are held.” (Ref. – Mahatma Phule Samagra Vangmay, page no. 72, 1st Edition, 1969)

Thus, Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule had exposed the foreignness of Brahmins. He also had exposed the Brahmanical mythology and had relieved Bali from the prison of Brahmins. There are proper answers to the cunningness of Brahmins in his literature. Brahmin Chiplunkar was so much irritated by his literature that, he had badly abused to Jotiba Phule that, “Phule’s movement will not go beyond Bhamburda (todays Shivaji nagar) to Hadapsar”. However; due to BAMCEF, this movement is spread not only at the national level but also at an international level. Now, due to the DNA report, this movement has got a scientific basis. On the other hand, children’s of Chiplunkar’s own caste even don’t know who are Chiplunkar, Agarkar, Tilak!

Mahatma Phule’s completed literature has got Laxmanshastri Joshi’s introduction. After reading Joshi’s thoughts in his introduction, it becomes clear that, Joshi also scared to mention about what Phule had said about the Brahmins that they are the foreigners. This Joshi only agrees with Jotirao Phule’s opinions in his book ‘Jotinibandh’ but he couldn’t disprove the fact said by him that the Brahmins are foreigners. Joshi only does time pass with a useless talking. He couldn’t deny the fact that the Brahmins are foreigners. Joshi’s abortive efforts are like an old dying woman attempting to survive in vein. Joshi’s statements:- “Other thing is that, it can be possible suspected that, Brahmins or the Aryans could have attacked on this country from outside but we can’t find any perfect proof in support of this view. We don’t get any perfect evidence which can prove that Indian Brahmins are genetically different from the other Indians. So, we can’t get any proof for the fact that the cause of the supremacy of Brahmins in India lies in their genetic differences from other Indians or whether it lies in the struggle between the Aboriginals versus the foreign invaders. (Ref. – Tarktirtha Laxmanshastri Joshi; Lekh-Sangraha, Page no. 397). Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule not only said that the Brahmins are foreigners but also proved it with evidences. Why Brahmins established their supremacy in India? Since because they are the foreigners! DNA report also has given support to the views of Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule. However; DNA report has defeated Laxmanshastri even after his death. Joshi’s DNA was of foreign origin and his Brahmin caste living in India is also of foreign origin!

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s opinion was similar to what was his teacher’s opinion. His teacher was Rashtrapita Jotirao Phule. Narhar Kurundkar was feeling giddiness after hearing the name of Mahatma Phule only. ‘Vivek’ was the mouthpiece of RSS. After publication of DNA report in 2001, RSS had published a confusing article of ‘Mulnivasi yethe ani yethe’ in Marathi in Vivek on 26th October 2013. The foreigner Brahmins special policy is to talk wrong but to talk it with stress! After Michael Bamshad’s report, Brahmins developed a severe hatred towards the word ‘Mulnivasi’. After that, they have started ‘Vanvasi’ movement amongst the Adivasis in a larger amount, which is a prominent thing. The Brahmins present Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s statements from his book ‘Who were the Shudras?’ by breaking and disarranging them. Here, I am presenting only two evidences of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar so as to shorten my introduction in which, he had started that, Brahmins are the foreigners.

Evidence No. 1:– An important thing is that, these both statements are after so called independence. To understand Dr. Ambedkar’s thoughts, we should link his moves with references. Dr. Ambedkar had delivered a historical speech on 28th October 1951 in Ludhiana city of Punjab state. In that speech, he had clearly stated that, Brahmins are the foreigners in India. Let’s see in his own words- “When Brahmins came to India, at that time, the Varna system got started here. Peoples were allotted their status as per their birth. Some were called as Brahmins, some Vaishyas, some Shudras and remaining ‘untouchables’. According to this division, the untouchables were at the lowest level and were completely separated from the society. Relation between Savarna Hindu and untouchables is like foot with its shoe. When we enter our homes, we keep our shoes out of home. In the same way, the untouchables were kept out of society and they were not given any kind of powers. We have tolerated an insulting treatment from the Savarna Hindus for many centuries and even now, we are tolerating social, economic and political injustice.” (Reference- Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writing and Speeches, Volume-18, Part-3, Page no. 257)

Try to understand Dr. Ambedkar’s statement- “When Aryans came to India then Varna system started here” – in this statement, ‘the Aryans came’ this word signifies what? It does mean that, Brahmins are the foreigners and after attacked on India they established their supremacy on this country with numerous conspiracies and then they established their Varna system here with their cunning tactics. Here, Dr. Ambedkar straightforward says that, Brahmins are the foreigners.

Evidence No. 2:– On 25th November 1956 means before 9 days of his death, Dr. Ambedkar was gone for the inauguration ceremony of Kashi University. He had given a historical speech there. There also, he had told openly in his speech that, Brahmins are the foreigners – “The peoples which are now a day considered as Hindus are mostly the Nagvanshi ones. Those Naga peoples who had inhabituated India before the Aryans were much developed than the Aryans. The Aryans defeated them, only this reason is not sufficient to say that the Aryan civilization was more developed than them”. (References: – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writing and Speeches, Volume-18, Part-3, Page no. 563)

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar uses word ‘Arya’ for the Brahmins and further states that, now a day, to whom; we call Hindu were the Shudras who were the earlier Nagvanshi peoples. In the pre-Aryan time that is before the invasion of the Aryans, the Naga peoples were living in India which means that, they were the native or aboriginal peoples of this country according to Dr. Ambedkar!

In one of his speeches, he says clearly that, ‘When Nehru’s caste peoples come to India before 3000 years’. Does it not mean that Dr. Ambedkar wanted to say that Brahmins are the foreigners? The issue of Brahmins being foreigners in India was presented by Rashtrapita Phule and Babasaheb Ambedkar throughout their lives. However; to reject these words, Brahmins adopt various tricks. These different tricks of Eurasian Brahmins now won’t be successful. Daily Marathi news paper ‘Loksatta’ had published an article of ‘Mulnivasi Viruddha Ambedkarvad’. Basically, that article was published in the name of their agent Madhu Kamble. However; originally, it was written by a Brahmin person. The Eurasian Brahmins may do whatever tricks but how their foreignness could be hidden?

A Comparative study between DNA report and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s thesis of ‘Castes in India’

Michael Bamshad also focused in his DNA research on the question about what is the status of females in the Indian society? After completion of his research, Michael Bamshad had come to the conclusion that the Indian women’s were used while creating the Caste system in India. The conclusion of Michael Bamshad is as follows: – “But undoubtedly now we have been able to prove the fact that, the higher castes are more closer to the Europeans than the lower castes and the second thing is that, Indian women’s are more unstable in the social system of India- Among the Indian caste system, they are upgrading into the higher castes from the lower castes at a larger scale”.

The religious texts of Brahmins don’t give any authority to the females. They have considered all the women’s into the Shudra Varna. Manu even gives an order that ‘the females are not liable to freedom’. The opinion of Manusmriti is that, women’s are only an object of enjoyment and this too, is the opinion of Indian Brahmins. In the Varanasi Court, one trial had became very much famous on the subject of whether women’s could be sold or not as like any other goods? And the Brahmins of Kashi-Varanasi had given ample evidences from their religious texts that as like any object the females could be sold. When Brahmins had come to India, they didn’t have brought their women with them. Those peoples who bring their females with them on war are easily defeated as like the war of ‘Panipat’! This example of looser Peshva Brahmins is sufficient to understand the fact. The Eurasian Brahmins had used women’s from here only for their procreation. While doing this, they given an importance to increasing their population.

In later times, Brahmins devised the concepts of Anulom- Pratilom marriages and also devised their way through it. (A marriage in which higher caste males can marry with the lower caste females is called as Anulom marriage and a marriage in which lower caste male cant marry with the higher caste females is called as Pratilom marriage. Thus, Pratilom marriage keeps lower caste males restricted to their respective castes and hence maintains the Caste system; whereas, in Pratilom marriage, higher caste Dvij’s can use lower caste women’s for their procreation and in that process, lower caste females can access the status of higher castes from lower castes. This fact was presented by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in his research paper and the same was proved scientifically by Michael Bamshad with evidences).

In the Bhagavad-Gita, there is repeated mentioning of the inter-mixture among the different Varna’s. To find the origin of Caste system in India, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had presented his thesis – “Castes in India- its origin and its mechanism” in 1916 at Columbia University of New-York, America. In that thesis, he stressed more on the origin of the caste, its structure and its development. It’s a surprising disclosure of the phenomenon of the Caste system of India. Indian Brahmins had presented two main points like Inter-caste marriages and Inter-Gotra marriages. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar states his opinion that, “The caste system in India is meant to divide a unified society into numerous artificial divisions- Each part (or caste) is bound internally by traditions and marriage rules. So, the same caste marriages are the prime character of Caste system’. The sole conclusion of Babasaheb’s research thesis is that, Brahmins used Indian women’s while creating the Caste system in India. The final conclusion of DNA report is similar to the conclusions of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar! If we would do a comparative study of Micahel Bamshad’s DNA report and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkars thesis, then, we will find a surprising similarity among these two.

A DNA report gives the firm evidences about the origin of Caste system. Now, the Brahmins postal address has been disclosed. Due to this report, the secrets of Caste system are also disclosed worldwide. The grading of Caste system is based on the ‘graded inequality’. The Brahmins have created such system to maintain their supremacy for prolonged period. Khaparde saheb was always saying that, “An inequality among the unequals is the heart of Caste system”. Another important character of Caste system is that, there isn’t any single caste but there are multiple castes in India.

The foreigners Eurasian Brahmins divided Indians not only among the castes but also among the graded inequality of the castes. ‘Brahmin’ is a castes and a Race too. To divide the aboriginals of this country, 3% minority foreigner Brahmins created an unequal gradation of Caste system here and started the rule of ‘Divide and Rule’. This rule is not of the British but it is of the Brahmins only! Manu is the owner of its copyright!! To study the origin, development and the progress of caste system, this DNA report is very important.

Now, there should be no hindrance is saying that Brahmins are the foreigners in India. The science also says that they are the foreigners. Now, one thing should be kept in mind that, the Brahmins, who were feeling proud in saying that we are the foreigners at one time, those Brahmins now days are trying to show unsuccessfully that they are from here only. The World is going to agree with the report of Michael Bamshad, until Brahmins don’t disprove it. Now days, why Brahmins are not declaring themselves openly that, they are the ‘foreigners’? In India, there is democracy and in Democracy, those peoples who are having majority can only rule. To hide their minority, the Brahmins are trying to hide their original ‘foreigner’ identity and to misuse the majority of aboriginal Indians; they are taking the help of word ‘Hindu’. The minority Brahmins are taking an advantage of word ‘Hindu’ to misguide S.C. /S.T. and O.B.C.’s due to their ignorance. However; due to this DNA report, their cunningness would be exposed.

The Brahmins have no regrets even now for their Bad deeds!

The present Brahmins do support the cunningness of their ancestors. The present Brahmins who say that now where is remained the caste system, etc; in reality, these Brahmins indirectly do support their cunning ancestors. Now a day, there are two groups among the Brahmins: (1) Religious Brahmin and (2) Progressive Brahmin. Due to these Progressive Brahmins only, the caste system is getting stronger instead of becoming weaker. A Brahmin may be whatever either religious or progressive; however; these two Brahmins are like the two arms of the same body! We can experience this reality at each and every time. Brahmins are even giving the slogans of ‘caste-less society’. However; the basic fact is that, as like the life of a prince of the mythical story is dependent upon the parrot in a cage; similarly, a life of the Brahmins is dependent upon the caste system. If the caste system is abolished, then, the religion of Brahmanism will be destroyed. So, Brahmins are trying to save their caste system by adopting various cunning measures.

We are publishing this original DNA report to expose the cunningness of Brahmins. We have got an introduction of Hon’ble Waman Meshram, the National President of BAMCEF and Bharat Mukti Morcha. This is an enlightening thing for this book. It is our plan to publish this book in all Indian languages. To bring Michael Bamshad in India is also our plan. Such a great research he has done which has no answer in the World.

With the help of this report, we are giving an intellectual weapon in the hands of general peoples which is more powerful than RDX. An important thing is that, Brahmins are the foreigners and another thing is that, they are in minority. On the other hand, the aboriginals of this country are in majority in numbers. This book would become an important milestone to enable these peoples to overthrow the Brahmanical slavery and to aware them that they are the original owners of this country. We hope that peoples should read this book and should think on it. To prepare this book, we have got important co-operation from our friend Dr. Pratap Chatse, Mohan Savant of Solapur, P. S. Sadar, Hon’ble Vendy Donniger, Sunderlal Takbhore. Also, my wife Rupali has equally contributed in preparing this book. We are sure that, due to this book the Brahmins would lose their ground!

[Views expressed are personal.]

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