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Night Life in Capital…

Madhu Agrawal for BeyondHeadlines

It is ridiculous that Delhi government has tried to ‘restrict’ night-life by limiting timings of bars and discos to close at 1 pm to prevent night-crime including gang-rapes. Are early hours of 1 am safe for moving in the city? Time has come to recognise old saying ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy and wise.’ All steps should be taken to restrict night-life by 10.30 pm so that people may be at homes well before midnight.

Timings of schools, colleges, offices, shops, factories and entertainments should be likewise changed to start early and end early leaving appreciable time of evening for entertainments and outings. Schools and colleges can start at 8 am, public-offices at 9 am, shops and private-offices at 10 am. Prime-time TV programmes including first-time telecast of TV-serials should then be over by 10 pm. Once tough decision is taken in this regard, people will get adjusted for early sleeping hours making them start early in the morning for more efficient and energetic working.

All those markets which open on Sundays should be uniformly closed on Saturdays so that government-employees and shop-employees may have one common weekly holiday for meeting each other rather than going to each-other’s homes in night-hours.

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