Asaduddin Owaisi Wrestles Down Narendra Modi with Knock Out Punch to Deny Power in Godhra

The Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) led by its charismatic President Asaduddin Owaisi wrestled down Hindu Hriday Samraat Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) with a knockout punch to deny the power in Godhra Municipality on Wednesday. Independent councilors Sanjay Soni, an ex-BJP rebel, and Akram Patel were elected as the President and Vice President after the seven AIMIM councilors supported the independent candidates. This will be written in golden letters in Indian history as Godhra was the epicenter of hate politics. It was after the Godhra tragedy that Narendra Modi lit the communal cauldron to allow the Hindus to ‘‘express their wrath’’ against Muslims for the tragedy. Distinguished police officers B. Sree Kumar, IPS (retd), and Sanjiv Bhatt, also IPS, were present in the meeting presided by the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi to give the alleged inflammatory instructions to the police machinery across Gujarat. Gujarat Genocide 2002 followed and the rest is history.

An elated President of Gujarat AIMIM unit Sabir Kabliwala had to say this:

We were successful in stopping BJP from returning to power in Godhra Municipality.  Out of the seventeen independents, who are part of the 44 -strong Municipality, five are non-Muslims.

Despite the BJP winning 18 seats in the 44-member Godhra Municipality, it could not return to power yet again as the AIMIM, with seven seats, threw its weight solidly behind a group of 17 independents led by Sanjay Soni. Sanjay Soni struck gold by becoming the President of the Godhra Municipality. He defeated the might of his one-time Master Narendra Modi. So, he has turned from Sanjay Soni to Sanjay Sona!

Godhra has opened a new window to secular India where Gobar Golwalker and Modi Mania have no place. It is the Gandhian thought and Ambedkar’s Constitution that will govern this great country of ours. The Godhra election was just a trailer. The trio of Muslims, Dalits, and Adivasis of Gujarat will deflate the Hindutva chariot in 2024. The Jhola Baba may run away to safety in the arms of his Mehul ‘Bhai!’

According to top sources, the Godhra defeat has disturbed Narendra Modi’s peace of mind and he has reportedly given his piece of mind about the change in fortune in Godhra to his comrade in hate Amit Shah. What else could Amit Shah say but: Saheb, Adani, Ambani Mar Nahi Gaye. Teen Mahene mein Godhra mein phir Kamal Khil Jayega. (Sir, Adani, and Ambani are not dead. Operation Kamal will be set in motion within 3 months).

It will not be a matter of great surprise if Sanjay Soni and the other independents are won over soon by the BJP. They may express their ‘confidence’ in Narendra Modi’s leadership Kyon ki Paisa Bolta hai (as money speaks)! Sanjay is already being taunted: ‘Agar tere mein Hindu Khoon hai to BJP mein Laut Ja.’ (If you have Hindu blood in you, return to the BJP). He is being promised the moon — from a berth in Vijay Rupani’s cabinet in Gujarat to a Rajya Sabha seat. The question is: Will Sanjay Soni bite the bait?

Meanwhile, a section of the state BJP leaders have vowed to break the AIMIM Municipal Party. They may use Sofiya Jamal, an independent, who reportedly abstained at the behest of the BJP, in the president and vice president poll. Sabir Kabliwala has a task at hand to shield his flock of seven sheep from the wolves!             

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